We all spend hundreds of dollars on running shoes thinking they will make us faster, then Meb goes out and wins the Boston Marathon running in a pair of Skechers.

I feel this on a personal level.

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The fact of the matter is that there are no famous philosophers or thinkers in this day and age. There are merely famous entertainers. Yet we associate with them by their philosophy. If you believe that “bitches ain’t shit,” you know who to listen to. If you’re a hustler or a playa, you know who to listen to. But when we sing along with a song, are we operating off of our highest principles, or are we saying things that we would take back if we thought seriously about it? And what if you don’t take it back? Is word still bond? Are these the words we manifest? Are these the prayers and mantras of our community? Saul Williams (via lucaspurvis)

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Ok, now that I’m done re-blogging every possible Boston marathon related picture, I think I’ll start my homework now.

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